Holistic Facialist &  Skincare Specialist

Brigitta is an Advanced Holistic Facialist with 20 years of experience in five star Mayfair salons, with the additional power of Energy Healing, Reiki and Yoga.

She customises her Advanced Holistic Facials to the client's individual needs and uses her concentrated, organic products to achieve outstanding results. 

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About Brigitta


These unique Holistic Facials are a fluid combination of high performance skin care, lymphatic, pressure point and sculpting facial massage.


Brigitta uses traditional Hungarian massage techniques, and combines it with tools, like the crystal guasha, face cupping and her manual extractions (her speciality) to sculpt, clear and naturally enhance your skin.  


Advanced skin devices like the Phonophoresis (ultrasound), LED (light) therapy or Micro-current harvest the power of sound, light and electro- magnetic energies to heighten your skin experience for the most obvious results. 


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