Deepening your home-care practice

Self-care is an investment in yourself, enjoy!




I created these tutorial videos for you to use with your crystal gua sha tools.


Be sure to work on cleansed skin, using your favourite face oil to give you easy glide, without dragging the skin!


For extra toning and skin benefits you may want to keep your tools cool or in the fridge before you use them in the morning.


After use just wash your gua sha in warm, soapy water, dry them and you can store them in the small pouch until the next use.


You may want to warm your mushrooms for the evening muscle-relaxation routine to make them melt away any tension acquired during the day.


You can do this by placing them in a bowl of warm water for a few minutes, just before you use them for muscle release.

I hope you enjoy using these beautiful rose quartz tools.


They come from South Africa's mountains, and they are amazing for attracting gentle, positive love, self-love, compassion. Help with emotional healing. You can hold them while meditating or keep them close by while sleeping.