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Brigitta learnt how to formulate cosmetics over 20 year ago during her two years full-time training in Budapest. Since then, she has enjoyed taking her part in the natural and conscious skin care movement. Having observed disappointing results with high street and designer brands while working on hundreds of customers in Mayfair in London throughout her twenties. 


Brigitta turned to natural skincare and applied numerous holistic modalities to help her own health and skin challenges during this time. 

Witnessing first hand, how Nutrition, Exercise and Life-style changes made the biggest impact on her own skin. 

She has then began studying extensively the methods by which the natural actives are best delivered into our skin for optimum effects.  


Today, Brigitta custom blends her micro-batch, Organic Skin Care line. Which you are able to purchase when visiting for treatments. 


Her motto is “Simplify to Amplify!” 

Brigitta Lark Holistic Skincare Line is influenced by her native Hungary, her family’s heritage of herbal gardens and her childhood memories of the Hungarian countryside. She has refined her skin care line, over ten years. Only testing on her family and regular clients. Never on animals. Using her skin care line transforms the skin health and she’s seen outstanding results amongst her clientele. 

Using her organic skin care will leave you feeling elevated inside and out. As the beautifying aroma oils begin to work instantly, you’ll find yourself transported to a calming oasis of restoring ritual. Balancing and uplifting the soul while your skin will glow with health and the concentrated organic actives restoring your skin’s vitality. ♡


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