Gua sha beauty-tool morning and evening routine

Self-care is an investment in your well-being!



I have personally designed and selected these beautiful grey agate (my favourite) crystal tools and recorded video tutorials for you to follow along.


A morning detox and awake ritual and an evening tension relief and sculpt routine.


I hope you enjoy using these beautiful tools, they also promote grounding, relieving anxiety and encourage self-reflection and creativity whilst boosting feeling of peace and tranquility.


You can wash them in soapy water and place them under your pillow or close by for the added healing benefits.


With love,


Getting Started

Let me show you how..

In the mornings, use your crystal tool cold, you can even place it in the fridge, if this appeals to you. The cold further awakens the skin and our senses but also has toning, tightening and circulation-boosting effect. 


Always work on cleansed and prepped skin. The best preparation is to apply your favourite organic skin serum or oil. You want a nice slip but not too slippery surface. 


After use, simply wash to tool with warm, soapy water, dry and store in the small pouch until the next use.